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Salsa Will Never Break Your Heart: A guide to Latin dancing and live ...
While much of today's commercial Latin music is about love, we might as well ... punta from Honduras, and sets of Latin reggae and house for the younger crowd. ...

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

latin music videos | 2007 Billboard Latin Music Awards - Press Room
Extra has the hottest celebrity and entertainment news, photos, gossip, scandals, videos , games, music , movies, television, star sightings and more! The Good Stuff ...

Latin Music - AOL Message Boards
Latin Music - General Discussion:Who's your favorite Latin star?: Talk about all ... Related Links. AOL Music : New Songs, Videos , Artists. Music Stores: Local Guide ...

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SALSA LINKS; list for salsa music and latin -american culture
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Amid slump, union sets sights on music video industry | Los Angeles ...
... slump, union sets sights on music video industry from Los Angeles Business ... used to not be many videos in Latin music ," said Enrique Fernandez, senior vice ...

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Improve Your Vocabulary By Knowing These Latin Prefixes

English contains many words adopted from other languages. In fact, experts estimate 80% of English words originated elsewhere. The biggest influence on English vocabulary is Latin. An examination of the 20,000 most used words reveals 5,000 words contain prefixes and over 80% of these use one of only fourteen of the many different prefixes available. By learning these important prefixes, you can improve your mastery of the English language. You will be able to discern at least a partial meaning of words you encounter for the first time by understanding the basic meaning of its prefix.

Listed below are the most used prefixes, their meanings, and example words. To get the most out of seeing these prefixes, copy them into a notebook. Write down the prefix, its definition, and several examples of its use. You can add examples by looking for more in your dictionary. Practice using the words in your writing and speaking. Look for words with these prefixes in newspaper, magazine, or books and underline them. The more you engage the word in some way (writing, speaking, or underlining), the better you will remember it.

Ab- (away from) abhor, abject, abnormal, absolve

Ad- (to, toward) adapt, adept, adhere, adhesion

Be- (on all sides, overly) bedeck, beset, besmear, besprinkle

Com-, con-, co- (with, together) comfort, commence, compel, complain

De- (reversal, undoing, downward) deceit, decipher, default, deliver

Dis- dif- (not, reversal) differ, difficulty, disable, dishonor

Em-, en- (in, into, to cover or contain) embrace, embroider, engage, engrave

Ex- (out of, former) exalt, examine, example, excerpt

In- (into, not) incline, inconsistent, indecisive, induce

Pre- (before) prejudice, prepare, prescribe, preserve, pretend

Pro- (in favor of, before) proclaim, procure, produce, profound

Re- (again, restore) renew, resolve, reveal, revert

Sub- (under, beneath) subcontract, subculture, subject, subordinate

Un- (do the opposite of) unravel, unroll, unseat, unskilled

Although Latin is considered a "dead" language by many, it lives on in the English vocabulary. Not only do many existing words originate from Latin, many new words are constructed from Latin prefixes, suffixes, and roots. New words to describe or name scientific processes or discoveries are often formed from Latin. Think of words like computer, internet, and digital radio. For digital television, you need to be familiar with both Latin and Greek, the other big contributor to the English language.

You can learn more about Greek contributions to the English vocabulary in my next article titled "It was Greek to Me: Improving Your English by Knowing Greek Roots".

Celia Webb, President of Pilinut Press, Inc., publishers of advanced readers for children and ESL students. Check out for more free articles on developing reading-related skills, word games and puzzles, and activity sheets for the company's entertaining and educational books.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

latin music television

iTunes adds Latino music section, Telemundo content
... that features "top Latin music , music videos, television shows, audiobooks and podcasts." There has been Latin music before on iTunes, but now with the ...

... Obama's backtracking, the pitfalls of the music industry and his new album The 3rd World. ... charting in the top 20 Latin Alternative charts nationwide. ...

Sound familiar? - THE GRAMMYS - LATIN - Los Angeles Times ...
Well, there they go again. ... MUSIC . NIGHT LIFE. RESTAURANTS. THEATER & DANCE. TV & RADIO. Daily Calendar. The Guide. Weather: 5-day ...,0,3781253.story?coll=cl-music

Shakira Wins Big At Latin Grammys, Colombian Superstar Takes Home ...
Despite a chill in the air, New York sizzled as Shakira, Marc Anthony, Ricky Martin, and Jennifer Lopez rolled out the best in Latin music at the annual Grammy ...

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New Mexico Music Commission News and Announcements
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Cienfuegos Austin Tx Cuban Son Music
... Premios a La Musica Latina de Austin (The Austin Latin Music Awards) have begun. ... by a committee of prominent industry experts in Television , Print and Radio. ...;fa=1

Talib Kweli Blacksmith TV Trailer Music Video
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Billboard Revs Up for Latin Music Conference & Awards with MSN Latino ...
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EMG Guitar Pickups

EMG, Inc first started manufacturing guitar pickups back in 1976, known as EMG pickups. Over the years they have earned the reputation for quality, clear sounding pickups used by many professional artists. ESP guitars and Jackson guitars currently use EMG pickups as their standard pickup design. Their high output is preferred by hard rock and heavy metal guitarists because of the pickups higher gain output as opposed to most lower output pickups. Some of the bands and artists who currently endorse EMG pickups are Tom Morrello, Zakk Wylde, Stephen Carpenter, Metallica, Slayer and many others

The most common EMG pickups are the EMG 81 and 85. The EMG 81 is usually considered to be the lead pickup and is more commonly used in the bridge position, while the EMG 85 is mainly used as a rhythm pickup more used in the neck position.

Personally I have had great success with using EMG pickups in a Gibson Les Paul and 7 string ESP guitar especially if you are into heavier sounding music. The clarity, deeper tone, and added gain are what make the pickups more suitable. One negative thing about the EMG active pickups is the need for a 9 volt battery, but it's not much of a problem because the battery lasts for a long time. You just need to make sure you replace the battery at least every 6 months because of tone loss over time.

Installation for a set of EMG pickups is fairly easy depending on the type of guitar you have. With the right tools I was able to install a set of Zakk Wylde custom EMGs in Gibson Les Paul in under an hour. As long as you follow the right installation diagrams for your type of guitar you should not run into any problems. For more information about EMG pickups and to learn to play guitar check out CrazyOldManMusic

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Monday, September 8, 2008

The Weekend

Oh what a weekend; exasperating days, nights of debauched behaviour and drunken antics!
What it is to live by the seaside! As the visitors arrive looking for fun; they implode with excitement and go ever so, slightly mad!

As they escape from far-away, congested cities to the serene lands of tranquil countryside and beautiful golden beaches. Do they revel in these exquisite surroundings? No, their ebullience is reserved for the frequenting of bars and getting decidedly smashed!

They came, they consumed and became inebriated; they were narrow minded and very, very loud. The insecure, exhibitionist of questionable intelligence claimed to be of an 'international (of the club scene) pop singer' status; he was not able to go out much, due to the weekly social club appearances. So a weekend at the seaside turned into a very depraved affair. Unfortunately for us they were staying next door.

We heard all about his iconic eminence in club land, his popularity; his expertise; we chuckled at his constant need for reassurance, "I'm good aren't I?"; "I'm the best aren't I?" We heard all about his gym, his personal trainer 'Dan' and his belligerent pursuit to a fitter, better body; we heard all about how he has forsaken his beloved pint for vodka and Red Bull, because Dan had advised him that it has less calories!
We heard a lot!

We ventured into town for the pre-requisite pub crawl, they were indeed ready for action; loud and adulterated; they vied for attention; they mocked; they resounded; unabashed they were obstreperous and crude.
The 'international pop star' did not care for the locals (too scruffy!) or the band of musicians in our parochial pub; he criticised the singer's voice, the sound, the music. As he vociferates to all of his disdain for bands. "Too much noise!"

So we were forced to encroach on the tacky bright lights of the tourist's Mecca. To a sweaty, smoky milieu of thumping dance music and cheesy party tunes that filtrates the ears but not the soul. Sticky floors of spilt cheap lager cling to our feet and imprison in us in this empty, shallow place of drunken stag / hen parties, excited teenagers and the decamped weekenders.
Where gaggles of girls giggle and dance; evoking moods of silliness they wear costumes to attract, like peacocks their strut, displaying their tails. Intoxicated males stumble in clusters; clutching with addled impetuosity at any passing females; any piece of meat! A blow up doll surfs the crowd; floating gracefully like a feather above the herds of marauding stags. As they wrestle and jostle in their boozy camaraderie.

As we watch from the sidelines the 'international pop star' elicits his moves on the dance floor; thrusting his body to the music, drawing on his stage routine, sliding on his knee's ; provoking attention, high on adulation he basks in his glory.
Oh, how they were drunk on merriment and excessive alcohol; oh, how they laughed, danced, poked fun and rambled aimlessly.

When the night was called and we stumbled home in the wee hours laughing gleefully; with not a care in the world.
But how the mood can change so abruptly! When the liquor, drenched atmosphere can incense and inflame.
In the middle of the night; in the early hours of the morn, contentions ignited and an argument did rage; screaming, shouting, swearing, banging, for the whole neighbourhood to hear. We cringed in our beds, we struggled to sleep; we longed for the weekend to be over and the visitors to leave!

As quickly as they arrived, they departed, leaving a trail of carnage and bitterness in our hearts. Why travel so far to insensate the mind? Why dissipate the body in tacky bars and overpriced clubs? Call that a holiday, when they do the same at home? To live by the seaside, the party town; with it's summer haze of drunken revelry and boisterous larks. How we pine for the winter and a glorious, desolate town!

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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Dance Floor Tips: The Art of Dance Floor Socializing

Anyone who has ever been to a social dancing event knows that not everyone has a good time, or at least not equally so. Some sit out many (if not all) dances, while others never seem to sit down. Why the difference?

There is only one reason for dancing at a social do: to have fun. There is no competition, no need to be absolutely perfect in the steps, and no reason to be stern and serious while cutting a rug. The key skill is the ability to socialize while keeping feet in time to the music.

This is easier said than done for some people, and is what makes the difference between sitting on the sidelines and hitting the floor. Many people are very self-conscious about dancing, either because they dont know the steps or because they think they look silly. Others are so intense while doing the steps that they can barely look up, and even when they do, conversation is impossible because they are silently counting and concentrating on foot movement.

Beyond the basics of dance etiquette, there are some rules of thumb that warrant following to master the art of dance floor socializing. Here are some examples:

Prepare yourself. If you know that there is a big event coming up that will include dancing beyond the non-contact freestyle sort, learn the steps. Take a social dancing class or two to master the basics. And practice. When the event comes along, you will be able to take to the floor without worrying about your skill and having to count in your head.

Dress to dance. Think about the dancing part of the event when you plan your outfit. Shoes need allow you to move safely, clothes need to make it easy for a partner to make contact as you move through various steps and turns.

If you want to be asked to dance, put on your happy face. Looking stern will make you appear unapproachable. Tap your fingers or toes to the music, smile, and make eye contact.

On the other side of the coin, try not to refuse an invitation to dance. Most songs are no more than three or four minutes long, so dancing with someone that might not be your ideal partner should not be too much strain. Be gracious, be polite, and you will be rewarded!

Dont dance with just one person. Dancing with a wide set of partners is a cornerstone of social dancing. Dance with everyone, and get everyone to dance.

When you make it out onto the dance floor, keep the fun going. Again, some rules of thumb:

Be entertaining. While having a good time yourself, engage your partner. Think of dancing in terms of moving to music while carrying on cocktail party conversation. Dance at a level you both enjoy, and exercise a good sense of humor. And smile!

Make your partner feel appreciated. The most popular dancers are not the most skillful, but the ones who clearly appreciate and enjoy their partners. Most people are not interested in dancing with someone who is obviously bored or feeling put upon, no matter how great their footwork may be.

Never blame your partner for anything that may happen on the dance floor.

Do not start teaching on the dance floor, unless your partner asks you to do so. Unsolicited lessons are more likely to embarrass your partner than to make them happy. If you are a more skilled dancer, you should be able to match yourself to your partners level of ability.

If you are leading, do so comfortably. Cranking your partners arm to force a turn or pushing and pulling them into position will not be a pleasant experience. If your partner is not doing what you want, your lead probably was not clear enough or beyond her own skill level. Tone it down and lead steps that can be transmitted and received enjoyably.

If you are following, dont start back-leading. It is disrespectful to your partner when you steal the lead.

Protect your partner. If you are leading, anticipate the movement of the other dancers and move your steps into empty areas of the floor so that you dont run into other couples. If you are following, keep an eye out behind your partners back. If a couple is bearing down in his blind spot, let him know with pressure on his hand or shoulder, or simply by telling him.

Avoid humming or singing along with the music you are dancing to.

Social dancing is social. Each dance is a brief encounter that should be fun for both partners. Approach the floor with a good attitude and sense of humor, concentrate on the enjoyment of dancing rather than technical proficiency, and dont worry if there are missteps or other mistakes. Youll go home well exercised and happy!

This article was contributed by Master Portable Floors. Master Portable Floors is the floor of choice by professional dancers. The floors have been rated highest quality by the American Swing Dancing Association and the Ball Room Dancing Association. Master Portable Floors has a unique flex action that provides a comfortable dancing surface that reduces hip and joint injuries. To learn more about Master Portable Floors visit

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